Restore youthful skin with this 4-step exfoliation, acid peel, pore extraction, and hydration process.
1 session: $149
Reduced series pricing available

“Lust Plus”
RF Treatment Multipolar RF energy penetrates the skin layers to tighten your skin and contour your body.
Facial and Neck, 60 minutes: $135
Facial and Neck, 6 – 60 minute sessions: $635

European Deluxe
Pamper and nurture your soul while escaping life’s responsibilities. This anti-aging treatment is a skin specific facial designed to give you radiant skin while soothing away stress. In a word—ahhh!
90 minutes: $95


Essential Treatment
We tailor this treatment to clarify, purify, and rejuvenate any skin type.
50 minutes: $58

Express Clinical
For the busy beauty, this mini-facial is perfect for a lunchtime boost! This clinical ultrasonic treatment will assist in healing skin blemishes or soothing rosacea flare-ups.
30 minutes: $40

Baby Blue
Safe and non-invasive, bacteria killing Blue LED light kills acne causing bacteria for clearer skin fast!
30 minute treatment: $45.00 | 3 treatments: $105
60 minute treatment: $78 | 3 treatments: $189

Seaweed Facial
This customized facial uses protein rich seaweed botanicals that penetrate deeply using ultrasonic waves to hydrate, soothe and tighten environmentally and age stressed skin.
75 minutes: $89

Facial Infusion Dermal Peel
Safe for every skin type and safe for every skin condition. This custom treatment by-passes the epidermis and stimulate the dermis.
45 minutes: $95 | 3 treatments: $229

Revitalight @ Rejuvenation
Age gracefully while battling the signs of aging with this LED emitting light treatment. Non-invasive, but very restorative, erasing a variety of environmentally inflicted damage to the skin and neck.
60 minutes: $99 | 3 treatments: $245

Sweet Revenge
Against aging! Resuscitate your skin with this Riche Chocolate Power Rescue Masque and Professional Peel. The blissful blend of Cocoa bean and Resveratrol- both powerful Antioxidants- in this treatment improves skin elasticity and tone with a divine lasting aura. This powerful, restorative, treatment provides maximum results with pre-treatment consultation for home care product prep.
75 minutes: $119 | three treatments: $286

Derma Sound Elite Facial
Derma Sound Elite was the unanimous conclusion as the, “Best Treatment for Anti-Aging!”  as described on “The Doctor’s” TV show. This gentle microdermabrasion, sonophoresis ultrasonic facial uses highly effective nutriceuticals for wrinkle reduction, skin toning, reducing pore size, healing acne, and calming rosacea.
One treatment is good, but a series is even better!
60 minutes: $95 | 3 treatments: $235

Modified Jessner Peel
This peel is a hybrid exfoliant offering dramatic results with minimal down time. This deep peel creates an actual skin layer-release slough revealing brighter, tighter skin.
60 minutes: $99

Forte’ Peel
A full strength peel, relieving sun damage, scar impressions, and fine lines. Allow 7 days for skin resurgence. Only for the Brave!
60 minutes: $119

Buff and Glo Self-Tanning
A soothing skin scrubbing prior to the application of the moisturizing Glo potion, promises even, sun bronzed skin, with no risk of damaging UVA-rays.
45 minutes: $55

The Back Facial
This intensive treatment heals, corrects, and normalizes the neglected skin on your back. Relaxing and soothing, each treatment is specific to your individual needs. Treats and normalizes acne lesions that may be misbehaving too.
45 minutes: $68

Regular Guy Facial
We all know that stress and travel deplete the skin; and it shows! This corrective, nourishing, treatment is skin specific providing an informative analysis of a Regular Guy’s skin needs. Enjoy this relaxing and soothing treat.
55 minutes: $68

Waxing Services**
Recapture Skin Care uses Nufree, a non-wax hair removal system. It’s antimicrobial, soy based formula is gentle and effective. This liquid epilation is a favorite of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and mine!
Eyebrow Design: $24
Upper Lip or Chin: $16
Underarm: $28

**Please discontinue use of RetinA or similar prescription strength creams on the area to be treated. Recapture also uses Epilar Hair Removal System for longer lasting hair free areas. Results can be seen immediately with lighter, softer hair on re-growths.