Here comes the bride!

Wedding Wish/Bliss Packages

Wedding festivities are coming your way this summer and fall! Look your best, whether you’re the bride or groom, in the bridal party, or just want to attend looking like a million. Sheila will transform you into a vision of delight. Get the looks you want with our special promotional.

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Jan Marini

Spring Skin Event

Take advantage of the Jan Marini Spring Skin Event to transform your beauty routineeffective April 29-May 2.
Free gift with every purchase of Skin Care Management System—a value of $189!

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2020’s BEST Anti-Aging System: Skin Care Management System

“The ultimate kit for preventing and correcting multiple signs of aging, the Skin Care Management System continues to reign supreme—it’s won our award nine times!” — NewBeauty


2020’s BEST Cellulite Cream: CelluliTx

“Our front running when it comes to smoothing stubborn cellulite. CelluliTx relies on 11 powerful ingredients to help diminish dimples.” —NewBeauty






Recapture Launch Promos

spatapasSpa Tapas

This custom mini-delight is designed to boost, repair, and rejuvenate. Great results with no down time.
$58 for one | $146 for three

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Dude Detailing Treatment

How would you like to hear “you have good genes”? This men’s grooming session offers time-saving techniques and product testers all for multi-use purposes.
$68. for one | $165 for three

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_DSC0027Stretch-mark Reduction

It is possible to minimize those “reminders!”  Utilizing high frequency thermal energy, radio frequency, and DNA serum, you will see an improvement and reduction.
Three treatments, 2-3 weeks apart.
Prices start at $135 for one | $285 for three



Mindful Giving

When you are considering what would be the perfect gift to celebrate a special event… consider giving the Recapture Spa Party / Girls Night / Bachelorette / Birthday Bash celebration.  It will be a most memorable way of connecting, relaxation, and rejuvenation for your friends or co-workers. Consult with Sheila to custom tailor your package.

Everyday Promotions

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