About Us

Mission Statement

Recapture Skin Care, LLC was founded to help you achieve a beautiful complexion through high quality skin care products and advanced services. While providing effective solutions for your particular skin type and color, Sheila is going to help you look your best—whether it’s turning back time, or dealing with rosacea, acne, or sun damage. Sheila’s proven skill will meet the results you’re looking for!


Sheila has over 29 years of hands-on experience and a wealth of knowledge in the health, wellness, and aesthetics industry. As an entrepreneur, business owner, aesthetics provider, and educator she works with all ages to personalize treatments.

Teacher and Consultant

Sheila has taught extensively at both cosmetology and modeling schools. Over the last two decades, she has volunteered as a “Look Good — Feel Better” facilitator. In this capacity, she taught female cancer patients coping methods, while restoring their appearance and self-esteem through a difficult journey. Sheila also has a passion for encouraging young girls to have confidence in their uniqueness, and in honing their self-empowerment skills while defying the dangers of media madness. Some of the classes that Sheila has led include:
  • Bloomin’ Groomin’
  • Beauty is Being Yourself
  • Getting Older is Easy—It’s not Showing it That’s Hard!


Purchasing Product

As a skin care professional, Sheila is dedicated to your well-being, and wants to see you delighted with your home care regime. Did you know that your diligence contributes to 60% of your progress? But still, with all the mass-market retailers, infomercials and numerous beauty websites, the hype is all very confusing.  You can experience only minimal results without proper direction.  It takes a skin care professional, like Recapture Skin Care, to properly and safely achieve maximum results—working with your unique needs.


Recapture Skin Care, LLC is located in Roseville, Minnesota.   Please find directions here.